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PADI Open Water Diver Certification

START HERE: PADI OPEN WATER ELEARNING AND CLASS AND POOL         Looking for new vistas and adventure?  Interested in discovering the uniqueness of the marine environment while enjoying a feeling of weightlessness? If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the w... Find Out More

LAST PART: SCHEDULE YOUR OPEN WATER DIVES Part 3: Open Water Dives The second weekend you will take the skills you learned at the pool and apply them in an open water environment at one of our local lakes. When we are at Scuba Ranch in Terrell the park fee is $20. We send you with a full tank but you will also need at least one tank refill at $10.00 a ... Find Out More

Discover Scuba Have you ever wanted to try scuba diving?  Experience diving in a safe, controlled, and fun environment.  This two hour experience will introduce you to the fun of breathing underwater. Dive West® provides all you need to take your first step towards your divers certification. You need to be 10 years... Find Out More

PADI ReActivate Re-enter the water with confidence. If you haven’t been diving regularly or recently, join our ReActivate course to refresh your dive knowledge and skills. Our 2 hour pool session will bring you back up to speed. The PADI Reactivate elearning will refresh your scuba diving knowledge and Dive West® w... Find Out More

Accelerated Open Water Class Complete your Open Water Certification in just 1 week.  The Accelerated Open Water class schedule is designed for customers who are already comfortable in the water and are prepared to move through accelerated course schedule. Find Out More