Join Us March 2024 for a Trip to Cayman Brac!

Scuba Dive Trips All Over the World with Dive West

Seeing the magic of the world is one of the best parts of Scuba Diving. Dive West is here to help make that a reality. We organize scuba dive trips all over the world to some of the best and most beautiful dive sites available. We have traveled with scuba lovers like you to Asia, Europe, South America, and the islands all over the United States.

Our dive trips cover most of the costs of the dive*, from accommodations to food to travel within the country or island. Some of our trips also cover airfare, depending on the location. Check out our upcoming trips below, or follow us on Facebook if you’d like to be kept apprised of other upcoming trips.

Not located in the Dallas or Fort Worth area? No problem! Many of our guests come in from other parts of the United States in order to spend time diving with like-minded, underwater loving individuals.


Upcoming Trips – Sign Up Today!

We have several trips available in 2024, with information on 2025 trips around the corner. Some of our upcoming dive trips include:

Cayman Brac – March 2024

We are extremely excited for our group trip to the Cayman Islands and we hope you will be able to join us! We are going to visit Cayman Brac, spend 6 days performing two tank dives, and visiting dive locations like the Bloody Bay Wall

Click here to learn more about our Cayman Brac dive trip March 16 th to the 23rd.


Roatan - August 2024

A photo of Roatan beach, with bright blue water and trees.

If you are ready for a thrilling and once in a lifetime experience, come join us on our trip to Roatan in Honduras, a magical place with an exposed reef and fantastic service. We are traveling there August 24th to the 31st, 2024, and providing you with 6 days of 3 single tank boat dives! 

Click here to learn more about our Roatan Trip


Fiji Islands – September-October 2024

Our next trip is the Fiji Islands, currently scheduled for September 28 th to October 5th. This is looking to be an incredible adventure as one of the best Shark Dives in the World. Our Fiji Islands adventure also includes airfare from LAX or SF, and daily entertainment!

Click here to learn more about our Fiji Islands Trip

Stay Tuned

Many new and exciting trips are around the corner, and we can always look to scheduled additional trips to other places in the world if we have enough interest. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us for these exciting adventures!

About Our Scuba Retreats and Scuba Vacations

The world is over 60% water, and in that water is so much to see and experience. If you're passionate about scuba the way we are, then you know that part of scuba diving is about exploration.

It is with that in mind that we are often organizing a variety of worldwide scuba retreats, scuba travel, and other dive related activities to some of the best underwater locations throughout the world. Our goal is to take likeminded people to some of the planet's best dive adventures in locations that are designed around safety, comfort, and fun.

In the past two years, we've taken other scuba enthusiasts to the Maldives, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Cozumel, Turks and Caicos, and more. We're also always scheduling new scuba experiences, and designing travel programs that we know our guests will love. We're also open to requests, so if you ever want us to look into scheduling a scuba retreat or adventure to a specific location, let us know and we'll explore interest with some of our other guests and see if it's something we can put together in the future.

Although Dive West operates from a physical location in Dallas, offering local services to Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, and throughout DFW, our trips are designed to be accessible from anywhere, so you are more than welcome to join us from wherever you may be located. We also make sure the entire trip is accounted for, so you only need to worry about booking and, depending on the trip, your plane ticket (some trips include airfare from select locations, be sure and review the details of each scuba travel group as they all differ). 

But it all starts with our current scuba trips. If you're looking for a scuba group to travel the world with, and join us for one of our upcoming dive vacations, and come experience the world with other divers!