Do your part to clean the reefs of the invasive lionfish.  No hunting experience necessary!  Texas Lionfish Control Unit are the experts in lionfish hunting.  Make your diving count!  Join us on an exciting trip to hunt lionfish in the Lionfish Capital of the World!

The lionfish invasion has been called "an ecological disaster" by scientists and marine biologists.  Texas Lionfish Control Unit members are on the forefront of saving our ocean by cleaning the reefs of lionfish.

By removing lionfish, you are allowing the native fish to mature and thrive without being eaten.

Until nature finds a balance, local control by divers are the only predator that will keep the lionfish in check.

TXLIONFISH2Our lionfish hunting eco-trips are typically three days of diving over a long weekend.  Participants need to be in Pensacola, Florida on Thursday evening.  You will need to be at Dive Pros Dive Shop before 6pm at the latest to sign waivers for your tanks, pick up any rental gear or last minute items you need, and show Nitrox cards for Nitrox gas.  We will then typically meet at The Oar House (home of the best Mahi fish tacos in the world) for a trip meet-and-greet and dinner.  Then its off to the rack for a good nights sleep.

Diving will consist of two tank dives on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Niuhi Dive Charters.  Depending on the number of divers, and number of boats we have reserved, we will run it several different ways:  2 groups of two tank morning dives or 1 morning two tank morning dive group and 1 afternoon two tank diving group.  We will typically start out at an easier shallow dive (40-80 feet) so we can evaluate all the divers skill levels, and get everyone used to diving in the ocean again.  Most dives are typically around 70-100 feet.  Depending on current and skill level, we prefer to do "live boat" diving, where we do not use an anchor, but the boat follows us and picks us up when we are finished hunting.  This alleviates the "where's the anchor?" problem.

After the dives on Sunday, you have a couple of options.  If you are diving in the morning group, you can leave afer you get back to the dock - typically around noon - and head to Dive Pros where they allow us to use their shower facilities.  Then you can head home.  Depending on how far you live from Pensacola, you can be in your own bed by midnight or so.  (Please remember flying after diving rules)  The second option is to stay in Pensacola for one more night, relax and drive or fly home on Monday.  After 3 days of hard diving, we definitely recommend the second option.  All trips are priced with you staying in Pensacola on Sunday night.  Please let us know ahead of time if you are leaving on Sunday, as we need to pair people up in the hotel rooms with similar itineraires.  You can take $50 off the price of the trip if you leave on Sunday.

All trips are priced double occupancy.  You can have your own room for an additional $200 for 4 days ($150 for 3 days).  Please let us know as soon as possible so we can book the additonal rooms.  Pensacola is a resort destination, so the closer to busy season we get, the harder the rooms get to book.



$880* per person


  • 3 days of 2 tank dives
  • 4 nights hotel stay
  • Tanks, weights, use of polespear, zookeeper and lionfish gloves

Not Included:

  • Transportation to Pensacola
  • Gratuities

Divers should arrive in Pensacola by 5:00pm on Thursday and travel home on Monday

Before participating in a lionfish hunt, divers should have 50 logged dives, with 20 of those dives in the ocean.  At least one dive should be in the last 12 months (or refresher course).  Max of 6 divers per boat.

Each diver must provide their own scuba gear.  Rentals at local dive shops can be arranged.