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Scuba Repair in Dallas with Dive West® 

Dive West®, as a full service dive shop in Dallas, is able to offer scuba gear repair, maintenance, and replacement for a variety of scuba products. We can repair and replace nearly any dive related equipment, and our expertise in scuba technology means that you will have peace of mind knowing that your equipment has been thoroughly fixed and repaired.

We are also a full-service repair and upgrade facility for Aqualung and Scuba Pro products. Although based in Dallas, we are conveniently located for those in Plano, Fort Worth, Arlington, and throughout the region. You can contact us for tank service, regulator repair, BCD service, computer support, and beyond. See a small sample of our scuba repair services below, or call us for more information.

TANK SERVICE           
Air fill   $10          
Hydro test (Every 5 Years) Including Air Fill and VIP   $65
VIP (Annually)   $25
*Eddy testing or additional service at an addional fee  
Regulator full service First Stage & Second Stage
Octopus full service
Regulator Inspection (First and Second Stage and Octo)
Alternate air source combo/inflator
Inflator service
BCD check
Computer battery replacement (Normal user changeable)
Stinger/Spyder Comuter (Battery change only - 3 weeks)
Suunto D Series Computer (Battery change only - 3 weeks)
Suunto D Series Computer (2 year 200 dive service - 3 weeks)
Labor prices do not include parts


About Our Scuba Repair

Dive West® has a team that lives and dreams scuba. We love it as a sport and as an activity, and are passionate about making sure that those that engage in scuba are able to do so safely. It’s why we are proud to be able to offer scuba equipment repair services in Dallas, and serve the entire DFW region with our ability to carefully and thoroughly repair scuba equipment.

We provide:

  • Regulator Servicing and Repair - This includes cleaning, replacing worn parts like O-rings, adjusting settings, and ensuring proper airflow in the regulator.
  • BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) Repairs - Repairs often involve fixing leaks, replacing inflator hoses, valves, and dumps, and mending tears in the BCD fabric.
  • Wetsuit and Drysuit Repairs - Common repairs include patching holes, fixing tears, replacing seals, and repairing or replacing zippers.
  • Dive Computer Troubleshooting - This can range from battery replacement to addressing display issues or connectivity problems with other dive gear.
  • Tank Inspection and Repair - Scuba tanks require regular hydrostatic testing, valve servicing, and sometimes repainting or external repairs to address rust and corrosion.
  • Mask, Fins, and Snorkel Maintenance - Repairs may include replacing mask straps, fixing or replacing fin buckles, and mending snorkel purge valves.
  • Pressure Gauge and Hose Repairs - This involves checking for leaks, replacing hoses, and ensuring accurate pressure readings in gauges.
  • Dive Light Repairs - Fixing or replacing bulbs, batteries, switches, and sometimes addressing water ingress issues.
  • Rebreather Maintenance and Repairs - Specific to rebreather systems, this includes sensor calibration, scrubber canister checks, and replacement of hoses and O-rings.

We are located at 10218 E. Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75238, near Garland, Plano, Irving, Arlington, and only 45 minutes from Fort Worth. We are also a great choice for those that want more personalized recommendations on gear, and we offer training and trips for those passionate about experiencing scuba.

If you’re looking for help with your repair, please contact Dive West® today or come visit us during our operating hours.